Grrrrr BT WiFi is stalking me!

My Nemesis: The BT Homehub 5

BT Woes (updated)

For for months now, I have been victimised by my Homehub 5 router.

Now before I rant; let me just point out that the Inifinity 2 VDSL service from BT is wonderful.  

The Homehub itself is quite a nice piece of networking kit; however inside hides a terror that haunts my waking hours....

It all starts with the BT WiFi service.  This is simply a way to share a little bit of your bandwidth in return for free access to the BT WiFi network of hotspots in the UK.  Sounds fair enough if you want such a service. 

The problem comes with a use case scenario such as mine:  I have a houseful of devices (various family phones, etc) and do not want the Homehub doing any more work than is necessary.  I also don't like the situation where my network router is advertising its services to all and sundry,  

So with my BT Account clearly set to 'BT WiFi Opt-Out' things should be simple.  The Homehub is supposed to keep its wifi to itself and not offer the hotspots 'BT-WiFi-with-FON' and 'BT-WiFi-X' to to any passers by..

My now familiar torture is now to call BT Infinity Technical support about once a week, spend around an hour on the phone trying to convince the first line tech that this is actually happening and is a problem, wait for said first line tech to raise a second line ticket and finally a day or two later the router receives the updated config setting it once again to 'Opted Out' status.

This lasts for a week or so, and hey presto; during one of the seemingly randomly spaced router phone'home sessions; it gets set to BT Wifi Active once again and thus enables both parts of the OpenWiFi public access hotspot.

I have had a first line tech call me a liar; treat me like an idiot and generally just treat me like some kind of mad woman.

I am not a harsh or impatient woman on the phone, having done my years in customer support I understand how it can be.  What I do get my feathers ruffled about however; if explaining there is a problem with my router, its showing BT Wifi Active, when its disabled in my BT Account.

Some have suggested I 'forget my wireless network settings' - even though I state quite clearly that I myself am not using WiFi.  Others have told me that it's not my router showing the hotspots; even after I provided them with the logs and snapshots clearing stating to the contrary,

Well today I hope I have finally made progress.  after half an hour being told I am wrong, the chappy put me on hold and went to speak to someone higher up.  He returned as I was about to believe he had gone to lunch to tell me he is terribly sorry and there is a problem with the configuration of my BT Account and the settings that the homehub is receiving.  I am assured that it will all be fixed properly by Tuesday.

Watch this space......


UPDATE 29/10/14:  Well Tuesday has been and gone.  The router briefly disabled the OpenWiFi, and then re-enabled it ten minutes later.  Now I have been asked to Opt-out of the service via the webform (even tho it says I am opted out when I log into it) lol

I have also been asked not to restart the homehub for thirty days! - The plot thickens....

Another UPDATE - 5th Feb 2015

Having raised this to a complaint; I was sent a nice replacement homehub.  Plugged in and set it up and (for a while) it was fine - no BT WiFi.

Then during wee dark hours of the morning it went and got its firmware update, and rebooted :smileysad: Crunch - it once again re-enabled the dreaded BT WiFi public hotspots.

11:59:39, 05 Feb. ( 193.550000) BT WiFi (using 5GHz) enabled via TR69
11:59:39, 05 Feb. ( 193.550000) BT WiFi (using 2.4GHz) enabled via TR69
 so back on the chat, then put on the phone, and the charming lady who finally ended up with me; has gone off to ask the higher techies to manually switch it off from BT's end (even though my BT Profile has been showing BT WiFi = Opted out for over six months).  Will hear sometime in the next week or so.


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