Happy New Year Folks

Yep its that time again....

Happy New Year Every-body-peeps

I do hope its a good one for all my family, friends, & everyone!

Ok that's the usual bit out of the way.  Most of you will skip the rest of this post as it is highly likely to contain technology, geeky stuff, and boring things about my 2014; of which you possibly couldn't give two shits about.

so; you brave few (and those too hammered to click the back button).  I have had an interesting year in my little world.

I started the year in Cardiff, and came scuttling back to Weymouth in early January.  We (my sis, mum, nephew and I) had to move thanks to our flat being sold by the landlord.  We did end up in a much nice (and larger) house with awesome views of Portland Harbour and Chesil Beach.

My family grew with the addition of my sister's partner and little one :) Happy days as now I have two young minds to hammer on the anvil of geekiness!

So the techie bits of 2014?  Well started the year with a not-very-good PC, but managed to nurse it until I could get some upgrades.  Now its sitting pretty in its black and white case.

I have successfully installed OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) alongside Windows 8.1 on the PC.  Both are (finally) on SSD's (250 for Windows and 120 for OS X).  Both operating systems are lightning fast to start up and in general use.

Took some fiddling to get the Asus ROG Maximus VII Hero on-board ALC1150 flashy-all-dancy audio controller to play nice with OS X Yosemite.  I am happy to say that OS X is now very happy on my se-tup; (ok I suppose it's now a Hackintosh or Hack-Pro).  I shall be posting a more detailed write up of the procedure sometime later this month.

I have had a lot of fix-this jobs over the year and for some reason the subject matter has strayed a little from the usual slow laptop to include, Fairy Lights, car electrical's and even a shoe!  Still I as always, enjoy the challenge and rose to each with my normal sideways thinking approach.

In the Techie media I suppose the big excitement is the Apple iWatch - I must say that I do like the look of this product; and while a recluse like myself has yet to imagine a practical use for such a shiny toy: I think Apple will apply their usual innovation improvements to the fledgeling category of wearable technology.

The iWatch will be totally of my price range any-ways; but I will be keeping an eye on both its tech and the apps that I suspect will find some unique 'how-the-hell-did-I-ever-Live-before-iWatch' type revelations for many of us.

I only had one review officially this year as I took a lot of time away the world at large.  So I am already sniffing around for some affordable tech toys to get my paws on and opinion-ate myself until I sequel with pure nerd-happiness:)  The Inatek 4port USB Charging station I am finding to be rather useful.  I hope to have more Inatek toys to look at soon

I am awaiting only one toy right now; The Anker 4-in-1 USB Card reader.  Always a handy device if you are a desktop troll like myself.  I will let you know when I have poked and prodded it!

well that's enough of my dull existence here in the blog world.

catch you all soon


Grrrrr BT WiFi is stalking me!

My Nemesis: The BT Homehub 5

BT Woes (updated)

For for months now, I have been victimised by my Homehub 5 router.

Now before I rant; let me just point out that the Inifinity 2 VDSL service from BT is wonderful.  

The Homehub itself is quite a nice piece of networking kit; however inside hides a terror that haunts my waking hours....

It all starts with the BT WiFi service.  This is simply a way to share a little bit of your bandwidth in return for free access to the BT WiFi network of hotspots in the UK.  Sounds fair enough if you want such a service. 

The problem comes with a use case scenario such as mine:  I have a houseful of devices (various family phones, etc) and do not want the Homehub doing any more work than is necessary.  I also don't like the situation where my network router is advertising its services to all and sundry,  

So with my BT Account clearly set to 'BT WiFi Opt-Out' things should be simple.  The Homehub is supposed to keep its wifi to itself and not offer the hotspots 'BT-WiFi-with-FON' and 'BT-WiFi-X' to to any passers by..

My now familiar torture is now to call BT Infinity Technical support about once a week, spend around an hour on the phone trying to convince the first line tech that this is actually happening and is a problem, wait for said first line tech to raise a second line ticket and finally a day or two later the router receives the updated config setting it once again to 'Opted Out' status.

This lasts for a week or so, and hey presto; during one of the seemingly randomly spaced router phone'home sessions; it gets set to BT Wifi Active once again and thus enables both parts of the OpenWiFi public access hotspot.

I have had a first line tech call me a liar; treat me like an idiot and generally just treat me like some kind of mad woman.

I am not a harsh or impatient woman on the phone, having done my years in customer support I understand how it can be.  What I do get my feathers ruffled about however; if explaining there is a problem with my router, its showing BT Wifi Active, when its disabled in my BT Account.

Some have suggested I 'forget my wireless network settings' - even though I state quite clearly that I myself am not using WiFi.  Others have told me that it's not my router showing the hotspots; even after I provided them with the logs and snapshots clearing stating to the contrary,

Well today I hope I have finally made progress.  after half an hour being told I am wrong, the chappy put me on hold and went to speak to someone higher up.  He returned as I was about to believe he had gone to lunch to tell me he is terribly sorry and there is a problem with the configuration of my BT Account and the settings that the homehub is receiving.  I am assured that it will all be fixed properly by Tuesday.

Watch this space......


UPDATE 29/10/14:  Well Tuesday has been and gone.  The router briefly disabled the OpenWiFi, and then re-enabled it ten minutes later.  Now I have been asked to Opt-out of the service via the webform (even tho it says I am opted out when I log into it) lol

I have also been asked not to restart the homehub for thirty days! - The plot thickens....

Another UPDATE - 5th Feb 2015

Having raised this to a complaint; I was sent a nice replacement homehub.  Plugged in and set it up and (for a while) it was fine - no BT WiFi.

Then during wee dark hours of the morning it went and got its firmware update, and rebooted :smileysad: Crunch - it once again re-enabled the dreaded BT WiFi public hotspots.

11:59:39, 05 Feb. ( 193.550000) BT WiFi (using 5GHz) enabled via TR69
11:59:39, 05 Feb. ( 193.550000) BT WiFi (using 2.4GHz) enabled via TR69
 so back on the chat, then put on the phone, and the charming lady who finally ended up with me; has gone off to ask the higher techies to manually switch it off from BT's end (even though my BT Profile has been showing BT WiFi = Opted out for over six months).  Will hear sometime in the next week or so.